Aventi Associates, LLC

  • Grass roots programs

  • Unique agreements for cooperation and capacity building with local governments

  • Advisory services and training to improve in-house operating standards and resultsDefine

  • Internal capacity building for company executives of Government and Public Affairs skills 

Public & Government Affairs

How We Can Help

impacting policy and Regulations takes more than lobbying - do your initiatives include a changing public opinion strategy?

AVENTI’s mission is to help our clients build strong local, public and government support, and promote ideal regulatory environments for our clients in the markets they serve, through a multi-faceted approach that includes strategic messaging, advocacy, and shaping public opinion.

When these initiatives are integrated strategically they will support the company’s mission and create value to its core business and objectives, by creating a competitive advantage and improving customer service.

Whether your goal is to promote new public policy or affect public policy that may be damaging to your company, AVENTI Associates can advance your objectives and will use our resources, relationships and experience to provide expert advice and execute a plan.  

Aventi Associates can provide

  • Strategic plans

  • Compelling messaging

  • Public policy analysis

  • Advocacy programs

  • Coalition building

  • Shaping of public opinion​

Make Regulations Work for You