• Executives in a multicultural business environment
  • Results-driven grass roots & government affairs advocacy
  • Impactful Corporate Affairs and CSR
  • Coalition building strategic partnerships
  • Gender and generational communication styles 
  • Diplomatic protocol and negotiation etiquette
  • Greater value from organization memberships
  • Preparation for a specific upcoming speaking engagement, negotiation, or other special event

Once an executive is accepted into the program, we begin with an initial assessment and feedback on the individual’s strengths and needs.  

We work together to design a customized coaching program that defines priority areas for growth and acumen, and which includes specific measurable goals, set within an achievable timeframe.  

The Birkman Method®​

The AVENTI Leadership program uses coaches certified in The Birkman Method® to assess client’s strengths and challenges in order to develop the most effective coaching program for the individual.  “For over 50 years the Birkman Method® has been “the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and interpersonal conflict resolution".

Every Executive has a "Personal Brand"

Explore what Personal Branding means today and why it is essential for women to take control of theirs as a successful executive, business owner and leader in the community.

The 10 Impactful ™ tools can be incorporated into everyday activities that will help make the executive woman stand out.  The workshop, conference presentation or one-on-one sessions, will help the executive to discover how she is perceived, define what she would like to be known for, and make a plan to manifest the Personal Brand she seeks. 


Personal Branding for Women

How We Can Help

the 10 Impactful™

Personal Branding for Influential Women Leaders

Premier programs

Executive Leadership

Personal Positioning of Professional Image (Branding)

  • Defining your brand & taking control
  • Building thought-leadership
  • Forging strategic relationships
  • Networking and building coalitions
  • Preparing dynamic presentation
  • Developing confident public speaking skills 
  • Integrating core values with corporate culture
  • Creating leadership value with industry & community organizations

Aventi Associates, LLC

An executive's personal positioning can have a big impact on an organizations bottom line.  Are you making this work for you? 

​Whether you are looking for a Speaker, Group Workshop Facilitator or One-on-One Coaching, our goal is to help clients be more successful in their global ventures by complimenting their marketing, sales and operations with strategies to build their executives' professional and corporate image.

AVENTI Leadership Tools assist executives to develop professional growth & acumen, resulting in more confident, effective leaders that  stimulate company growth and innovation.

The Executive Leadership program will focus on strengthening the executive’s personal skills, as well as supporting the company’s mission and creating value to its core business and objectives.